Software Pricing

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A Software Pricing quote is as unique as your business. Down To Earth offers many options and we need more information to provide an accurate quotation.

Because most companies utilize less than 25%of the functionality of their software, we want you to start with only what you absolutely need.  You can always add other applications later, as your business grows.

If you’re interested in receiving a price quote for Down To Earth software, we need a bit of information from you. Our pricing tiers are based upon the type of hardware/system, the number of DTE applications, and how many concurrent users you have. If your business is just starting out, you won’t pay for licenses you’re not using right away. If you’re not sure, start small and you can always add more licensed users in the future.

Call, Fax, or E-mail for a custom built quotation that fits your business and your budget. Our knowledgeable sales staff is available for immediate response. If you’re looking for the complete solution, we will be glad to assist with your hardware and operating system selection tailored to your specific requirements. You can obtain and build the system of your choice, choose your applications, and we’ll help install the finished product ready for immediate use.

Software Pricing information needed:

What type of hardware system are you planning to use and version of Operating System. Down To Earth is available for MS Windows® 2000 and beyond as well as most any type of UNIX/Linux system.

How many users would be working with Down To Earth at the same time.  A good place to start for the Accounting suite is at five licenses. For the Distribution or Irrigation/Utility suite, consider a minimum of ten.

What type of applications apply to your type of business?  Are you interested in Accounting (AP, AR, GL, PR), Distribution (IN, OE, BOM, PO) or Light Manufacturing (BOM)?  Or a custom combination built for your business? *

Please also include your Business name and contact information. Juat in case our sales representative has any questions regarding your quote. Contact us today!

* The Accounting Suite includes General Ledger and Accounts Payable. Of course, you’ll also need System Manager and Name/Address for system parameters and vendor specific information. But these are automatically included in the suite. Not sure if you want Accounts Receivable,  Cost Center,or Payroll? They can be added later when you decide you need them, too. 

With the Distribution Suite, Sales Order EntryInventoryAccounts Receivable are required for practical application, and General Ledger for managing costs. As noted above, you’ll also receive System Manager and Name/Address for the system parameters and customer data. Purchase OrderContact Management, and Sales Analysis are optional They can also be purchased down the road as your business grows. For Light Manufacturing, just add Bill of Materials to manage the creation of finished goods with your components.