Down To Earth is powerful

and easy to use!

You need a powerful software solution. 

Starting a business requires cutting corners to make ends meet.  Continuing your business requires efficiency, control, and effective management decisions. Efficient. Powerful. Reliable. Easy to use. All are words describing Down To Earth Business Software.

Efficiency is when your employees have the right tools to complete their tasks in a timely manner.  Down To Earth offers many options to access and enter data, ensure accuracy, and provide real-time values.  All this while allowing the personal touch needed.

Control of your inventory and customer relations are achieved with extensive inquiries and reporting with quick access to complete data. Accurate and real-time inventory as well as purchase and sales history enables control, keeping the cost to a minimum.

Powerful management reports provide complete historical and forecasting data to maximize the decision making process.

  Where is your business going?
  What product is or isn’t moving?
  What region is reporting the best sales?

Easy to read data places the power in your hands. Efficiency, control, and ease of use, from one end of the business to the other.

Solutions Offered:

Upload in a new line of Inventory items from an spreadsheet file and transfer stock from one warehouse to another.

Create orders for your warehouse to pull or more efficient point of sale counter sales, interchangeably within the same application.

Manage serial and lot number tracking to accurately trace the history if asked.

Manually count or scan cycle, warehouse, or company wide inventory.

Interface sales, cost, and inventory value from the sale to the custom financial statement reports for the complete picture of your business.

Manage and trace your Accounts Receivable from the original invoice to the Balance sheet.

Easily control your vendor’s accounts with effective use of your funds management tools within Account Payable.

All aspects join together for the unique financial reporting options and analysis for you or your accountant.

Standard and customized database import and export for manipulation within third party software as well as ODBC connectivity.