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Work Order Processing


Work Order Processing

Water Billing Work Order...

The Down To Earth Work Order is an optional part of the Water/Utility Management suite of applications. Working with the Inventory kept on hand for repair and maintenance, Work Order tracks the costs of repairs for LID, internal district costs, and if needed, costs billable to an outside contractor.

The customer or water master calls in a possible repair situation.  A technician is assigned for an assessment.  The situation is resolved.  Then the work order is closed with the technician's final report of time and materials. Labor, equipment, parts, or other services are associated to the work order created and recorded for either an in-house audit trail or outside billing.

Accounting entries are automatically generated for any inventory, cost, sales, internal accounts, and if necessary, accounts receivable. Inventory quantities are relieved for parts utilized enabling the warehouse to keep close watch on stock at hand.

There are many features associated with Work Order and interfacing applications. Some sample features are listed below or link to our Spec sheet for even more details ...

Work Order Highlights:
  Work Order records customer service requests along with accounting and repair history, optionally referenced by the Local Improvement District (LID).
  Choose to automatically assign (sequentially) or manually assign the six digit work order number for reference with an automatic date/ time stamp, regardless of how the number is assigned.
  There are four separate sections for free-form comments, Other instructions, Shut-off notes, Field notes, and Follow-up notes.
  Every service call is different and requires unique information. Some Work Orders are very detailed while others contain only the basic information.  Most calls are for a particular parcel but could be in the middle of an intersection.
  DTE updates the home phone number entered, automatically, in the Name/address record to insure current information.
  Search for an open or closed work order by the work order number itself, the owner ID associated with the parcel, the street number of the address, the street name, or the LID. Display a search list and quickly find the one you want.
  Any code can be defined 'on the fly' from within an entry window (click on the green field name), returning to the original window when complete.
  View and enter more extensive notations by Owner/Customer, for specific topics, and include a Date, Time, ID, and "WO" DTE Application automatic record stamp.
  The work order format is partially pre-defined but also allows a free form, user defined section of the most common items used. The field simply checks the item and marks the size for the business office to enter.
  Billable invoices are automatically interfaced directly to the Water Billing application, controlled item on hand quantities are reduced, and accounting distribution is created all within the post process. (Accounting distribution is then interfaced to General Ledger, usually at the end of the accounting period.)

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Current Release:

DTE Business Suite  v7.0  
Water Management  v7.0