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Water Billing & Utility Management ... 

The Down To Earth Water/Utility Billing is the cornerstone for efficient water management, billing, inquiry, reporting, and assessment analysis for land in your jurisdiction. The flexible and comprehensive options provide the necessary qualities to meet both your company and land owner’s needs, both domestic and farming.

 The technology of each process within Water/Utility Management is designed as a solution best suited to each of our customer's needs, and in turn, your customer's needs. The power of this application provides you with a customer service solution, yet allows you to balance your business with ease.

 In addition to the Accounts Receivable aspects, this application has allowances for condominium and agriculture land consolidations, segregation of lands, drought restrictions, electronic mortgagee billing and receipts, and upload of scanned data for flow management.  Link to our WB Spec sheet for downloadable details in addition to the below features offered …

Water/Utility Billing Highlights:
  Water Billing Land masters include a 2,400 character legal description, multiple owner/billing options, and extensive water right/bill code tracking and flexibility.
  Domestic and Assessment billings are generated Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, or Annually with options Loans/Notes payable, Mid-year assessments, and Reminder notices.
  Mortgagee statements available for billing multiple parcels within a lending institution electronically or paper or both.
  Mortgagee and Tax Service payment uploads for input electronically from the individual financial institutions.
Over the counter, bar code scanning, multiple parcel payments, and automatically print a payment receipt are all customer payment possibilities to help customer service be more efficient.
  Hand held scanners provide the ability to read domestic and lateral meters, import, and process data automatically.  In addition, you can scan cash receipts for efficient entry from a barcode printed on the billing statement.  Optional nightly docking allows your system to work while you're away.
Manage water usage - Lateral canal, water flow, meter management , and drought season schedules. 
  Maintenance programs allow new masters via a single entry or automatic creation with like data entered for new neighborhoods.
  Extensive display inquiries are available by either customer name, ID, or land parcel number.
  Name and Land master maintenance made efficient with numerous export and import routines.
  ODBC Interface with GIS systems for the engineering department to access data instantly.
  Land consolidations, Land (neighborhood) segregations, lateral maintenance, bar coded meter maintenance, weir and flow meter usage measurement, excess water tracking, drought control, seasonal allotment transfers, and import/export features are all part of this unique package offered to water utility districts.

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Current Release:

DTE Business Suite  v7.0  
Water Management  v7.0