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§ Sequential numbering reference

Choose to automatically assign (sequentially) or manually assign the six digit work order number with an automatic date/ time stamp.  Also assign an invoice to match the order number or as an alternate sequence.   Flexibility is the key. 

§ Update contact records automatically

While you have them on the phone... DTE updates the home phone number entered, automatically, in the Name/address record.

§ Comments, comments, comments

With each situation comes information that just can't be  coded – an explanation is necessary. The solution is four separate sections for free form comments / notes.

§ Complete information from beginning to end

Along with comments, coded information includes, Problem type, field Alerts, Type of call – emergency / service, and the field Car reference.  In addition, the water Shut off date and Estimated time back on, the Crew, if Engineering is brought in for a large job, and detailed customer notes are optional entry.

§ Work Order forms design for commonly used items but standard invoice forms

The WO format is partially pre-defined but also allows a free form, user defined section of the most common items used.  NEBS ® forms are found at almost any office supply store. The DTE confirmation (invoice) format is standard and formatted to fit NEBS 9044 or 9051 (with or without a company name and address) continuous form, Laser, or custom format.

§ Print now or print later

Print the work order at the office when the call comes in or directly to the shop.  Print an invoice when the order is closed or at the end of the business day.  Print one or all.  Choices, choices, and more choices – it is completely up to you.

§ Review before you post

Verify each closed work order for the day with the Pre-post report.  This includes each invoiced order to compare against the field information received.  Then post to update the respective data files for interface with other DTE applications.

§ Flexibility for tracking accounting costs

The type code of a Work Order determines accounting considerations.   Optionally apply the labor and item costs back to the LID, contain the costs internally within the district, or bill the work order out to a third party for payment.  (Third party invoices also interfaces with the Water Billing application for payment entry.)

§ Track Open vs Closed work orders easily

Open work orders are separate from closed work orders to manage WIP.  Closed orders offer historical reporting with multiple sort options…great at budget time.  Search for an open or closed WO by the work order number, owner ID for the parcel, street number of the address, street name, or LID.

§ Analyze inventory for more efficient item management

The standard separate Inventory application offers such features as scanned physical counts, UPC or item ID entry, Controlled quantities, and multiple location and bins.

§ Inventory item details

The inventory item description is 40 characters with a 30 character search name utilized in the Find  shortcut. The Category code is defined for each item to distinguish the applicable accounting distribution for the Sales, Cost, Inventory, and Expense account codes. Units of measure are user defined with item quantities including up to three decimal points.

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