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§ Water Billing / Utility association code file

The five alphanumeric character codes assigned to each parcel include neighborhood Additions, billing Adjustments, USBR Classifications, Counties, special Fees, Meter Readers, meter Routes, Water Rights, and Water Drought Zones.

§ Legal description

The 2,400 character field is designed for lengthy, legal descriptions assigned to the parcel in addition to the Range, Township, Section, and Quarter-section values.

§ Unlimited Owner and Water Right associations

Each land parcel offers unlimited Owner association and respective billing percentage split as well as unlimited Water right distinctions for a parcel.

§ Interface to Pocket PCs

Whether it's weirs or flow meters, canals or domestic meters, WB bar code scanning and upload is completely automated.  Conversion formulas allow for multiple models and styles of flow and water measurement devices for ease and flexibility.

§ Monitor water requests

Water requests define the USBR daily requirements report. Water usage reports estimate future and actual water usage for billing excess.   Parcel allotment transfers are redefined each water year.  All just part of monitoring our most precious resource – water.

§ Annual assessments in two part billings

WB Assessment statements include a bar code for scanning payments, two part stub for staggered due dates, detail of current year assessments, summary of past due assessments, and optional Mortgage direct billing are just a few billing features.

§ Domestic billing

Various Domestic billing frequencies, flat rate or metered usage option, and route identifiers for bar code scanning make your receivables easy to manage.

§ Payments

Scan a WB statement stub for half payments, upload mortgage payment files, pay off a LID note, pay for multiple lands with a single payment, or adjust an over payment, all from the same transaction entry routine.

§ Segregation

Single or multiple parcels are split up into new lands/owners with one routine.   If outstanding invoices or notes exist, allocate a percentage to the new lands.

§ Update groups of lands easily

Update a neighborhood of Lands for a new billing/Water right code, an entire Turnout/Gate designation, a Water right or Land classification, a neighborhood name distinction, or add a USBR construction note to an LID.  Each task can be done for a single or multiple lands, with a single transaction.

§ Extensive Inquiries

View by Name, 20 character Parcel ID, or Invoice, choosing summary or detail, right down to the individual billing code rates and Lateral specifics.  From within the inquiry, choose what pieces of information to print or fax directly to the caller.

§ Import / Export functionality

Import County generated data files, Drought zone cycles to classify areas in drought years, valid Mortgage billing data, and mortgage payments. Import Pocket PC field readings and export updated lateral data for the next day.

§ Delinquent processing

When it comes down to it, over due is overdue.   Finance charges are assessed for past due accounts, dunning letters are optionally created, as well as possible foreclosure processing fees for the very past due.

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