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Tri-State Livestock Credit Corporation

Tri-State Livestock Tri-State Livestock Credit Corporation was formed in 1931 during the Depression. Its sole purpose was to provide a source of credit for western livestock producers when credit was very hard to get. Tri-State's basic purpose remains the same today. Although they still remain true to their name, credit to crop farmers, agribusiness processing, and marketing firms is also extended.  

Three states, California, Nevada, and Arizona, are the corporate namesake and are home to the majority of the customers. Since then, customers are also located in ten western states including Hawaii. 

Tri-State has implemented a number of customized credit products in recent years to serve existing customers better and to expand the business to new nontraditional customers.  Its affiliation with the Farm Credit Bank of Texas in 2004 helped support Tri-State’s ability and capacity to serve its customers even better now and into the future. 

Datavision/Down To Earth Solutions has been a part of Tri-State's accounting business since 1984, starting with a PDP11/23 hardware and customized Loan and Accounting applications. In 1999, that same custom software was moved to a Windows platform and made Y2K compliant for the new century.

In 2003, Down To Earth v7 features made it an easy decision to upgrade their software. Tri-State invested in new hardware, switched to Down To Earth for their standard applications, and reconfigured their Loan Processing software programs to match their new style of business. Their Loan Processing was brought up to date and integrated with the standard DTE General Ledger and Accounts Payable to create a complete accounting package. 

Datavision/DTE Solutions continues to work and adjust with Tri-State in adapting Down To Earth Business Software to their growing and expanding business needs in today's economy.

Tri-State Livestock Credit Corporation
2880 Sunrise Blvd. # 224
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Phone: (916) 570-1388
Toll-free: (800) 778-8734
Fax: (916) 570-1389



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