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System Manager


System Manager...

  He's the guy that fixes your computer and it's the powerful command program for all your Down To Earth applications. Whether you need to create a new company, install your own modifications, define the printers for your system, or manipulate the data, it is all in the System Manager application.

 System Manager provides comprehensive security options and maintains master definitions for all your data files. Data export, Log file analysis, and file conversion layouts are just a few of the tasks performed from this core application.

 In addition, special development features are included that enable you to customize your system for your exact needs. Link to our SM Spec sheet for detailed features or as an example, you can …

System Manager - securing your system

System Manager Highlights:
  Extensively tailor security on two levels, Master security for general DTE access and Application specific for unique entry restrictions. (Application specific controls complete applications, menu column access, single menu selections, and/or optionally require entry passwords.)
  Define printer specifications for up to 99 different printer configurations (fonts, spacing, barcodes, macros, etc.) and system device locations.
  Export  data from any data file into a Spreadsheet, Word Processing, or user defined format for manipulation in third party software.
  Define Down To Earth Controls for use with a single or all companies for custom flexibility without requiring programming knowledge.
  Take full advantage of Down To Earth's many convenient tools to smoothly integrate Down To Earth applications into Application developer's own vertical solutions.
  Manage external data conversion formats for custom conversions from outside or third party software.
  Manage and report operator activity, tracking log data, and export log records for analysis.
  Control the data file statistics for record length, number of keys, key fields, and initializing the data files.
  Clear, delete, or re-initialize any data file for management or recovery of data records.
  Unload data files into a flat, text file format for analysis or import into a third party software.

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Current Release:

DTE Business Suite  v7.0  
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