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System Management  Your Key to Control

Manage your Vendors and Customers all from one application, create a database of contact calls, control operator access, and customize your data file locations. 

 Manipulate your Name/Address lists, create mailing labels, utilize the various import and export utilities, as well as monitor duplicate records within a single application.  Customer, vendor, shipping, mailing, and prospect records are all in one location to merge or separate as you need for lists, labels, and exports. 

 The optional Contact Management application allows you to build a database of contact with Customers, Vendors, or Prospects.  Each Folder contains an assigned subject to quickly enter a log of conversation information.

 The System Manager defines the core data access and your specific hardware system information.  Printers, operator security, company controls, and data file characteristics are all administered from this foundation of Down To Earth.

System Management - Your Key to Control

  • Name & Address
    The Name & Address application carries the pertinent master file data for vendors, customers, individual contacts, ship to, and PO mail to locations.
  • Contact Management
    Customer and potential customer contact is key to your business operations. DTE provides easy and accurate access to historical communication data with our Contact Management application.
  • System Manager
    System Manager is the powerful and versatile command program for all your Down To Earth applications.


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Current Release:

DTE Business Suite  v7.0  
Water Management  v7.0