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Your SolutionThe DTE Solution

Does your software adapt to your business focus?  Do you have complete integration of your business processes?

 Down To Earth does.  Standard core components are included -- start with the basics.  Then choose as many or as few applications as you want or need.

 As your business expands and you recognize their benefit, you can grow into more applications.  Many Accounting and Warehouse management applications can be added as you need them to encompass the complete business solution.
 Accounting applications interface for complete financial reporting.  Inventory is updated in real time as sales orders are entered.  Bill of Materials allocate items needed for all work in progress.  Purchase Order reports the inventory expected in your warehouse.  These are just a few of the integrated features Down To Earth provide.

Your Solution is the DTE Solution

  • Grows with your business
    You need a scalable business management solution that offers robust reporting, strategic insights, operational control and grows with your business.
  • Powerful but easy to use
    Your business requires efficiency, control, and effective management decisions. Powerful 'End to End' system processing. That's Down To Earth Business Software.


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Current Release:

DTE Business Suite  v7.0  
Water Management  v7.0