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  SM Spec & Utilities Sheet

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§ Printing

Define up to 99 different SM printer specifications as networked or local printer connections.  Preview reports before you print with API printing (Available only for MS Windows ®  ). Utilize standard escape codes for font, spacing, margins, and cpi settings.

§ Security structure

Security is defined once for a group of like operators, for individual operators, or a combination.  Enabled for any of the combination of view, edit, add, or delete for an application, a menu column, or a menu selection.

§ Define conversion formats for third party data

Fixed length text (ascii) files can be converted into the Down To Earth data files or visa versa with a simple definition reference.

§ File manipulation

Initialize new, unload existing, or load data into DTE as well as clearing the contents of a file when needed.

§ General Code links

Any code can be defined  on the fly   from within an entry window (click on the green field name), returning to the original window when complete.  As an example, if you can t find the right Terms code for an invoice, link to Codes, set one up, then pop back to the invoice, and bring the new code with you.

§ Export data

Export data from any DTE data file using the predefined SM Repository definition.  Output to the filename of your choice in either a spreadsheet, word processing, or user defined format.

§ Logging and extraction

The log feature defines edits to various master files based on the file definition.  Extraction of the log data offers a way to track what was changed, when, and by whom.  For example, tracing Name/Address changes identifies when the address was changed and who did the changing for reference

Universal Utilities


§ Quick links

Inquiries and Transaction entry include several buttons linking to other processes or more detailed information, then back again.  Non-windows environments offer the same abilities with Control-Key sequences instead of buttons.

§ Key / Mouse equivalents for MS Windows ®

Operators choose what they are most comfortable with – keyboard or mouse.   Both offer the same functionality within the software.  It  s a matter of personal preference.

§ ODBC Connectivity

Data files defined allow ODBC Connectivity for access from within qualified third party software such as Crystal Reports ®  , Microsoft Excel ®  and Access ®  , and your favorite GIS/CAD software.

§ Report Writer

The Synergy Report Writer is available for flexible and easy internal report creation.  The point and select features makes simple reports simple to write.

§ Custom programs/reports

Custom program routines or reports are listed from the menu but isolated for access even after upgrading your version.  This enables customization now plus future updates when needed, without re-programming again.

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