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 Flexibility and optional features are what makes Down To Earth Payroll software stand out in any crowd. It enables easy in-house preparation, at a fraction of the cost and time a manual payroll system or outside service bureau might take.

 Multiple department costing, direct deposit options, flexible deduction and pay coding, as well as easy tax table maintenance.  Hourly and salaried employees paid at different intervals can be kept separat or grouped together -- your choice.  All standard features.
 At the end of each quarter and year, you can print the respective payroll reports and W-2 forms required by various federal, state, and city tax authorities. The simple, easy-to-use Electronic Reporting portion is designed to assist you in complying with the Internal Revenue Service Regulations to submit year-end W-2 information online. See below for an example of just a few of the standard features then link to our PR Spec sheet to see even more ...

Payroll Software

Payroll Software Highlights:
  Automatic time entry transactions can be generated for salaried employees with a single step, including employee exception options.
  Multiple checks per employee, per check run, for commission or bonus pay.
  Automatic calculation, tracking, and reporting of overtime, double time, sick, and vacation time separately.
  Computer generated regular, pre-calculated, or prepaid check types to cover all your processing needs.
  Print multi-copy, continuous form, multiple laser preprinted formats, or your own MICR coding on blank laser check stock with optional digitized signature.
  Standard direct deposit transmission file optionally generated along with deposit reports and corresponding check stub breakdown.
  Non-taxable deductions such as 401K and Flexplan(Cafeteria or Section 125 plan) plans are easily defined and tracked for employee and business year end reporting.
  Manage Wage garnishments or Company/401K Loan deductions easily.
  Multiple division and department separation for accounting purposes included on the same check.
  Deductions assigned a user defined 'Frequency' code for association with payroll timing as required.
  Flexible deduction coding for regular payroll run frequency or specific one-time only deduction.
  Tax tables maintained individually for each city and/or state based on specific state requirements.
  Federal and State online, electronic submission following MMREF2 format requirements for reporting and submission online.
  Two W-2 paper format choices of laser or multiple part W-2s for employees at year end.
  Interface tax payables and salary expenses with General Ledger as required for current accounting data and financial reporting.
Specialized government reporting for the DTE Water/Utility Payroll application.

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