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  PR Spec Sheet

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§ Employee master data is all in one place

Each six character employee ID includes personal data, review, raise, and termination information.  Separate window Tabs include federal, state, and local tax.  Followed by multiple pay rates and deductions. Last, sick/vacation time accrued and used.

§ Pay rates

Salaried or hourly employees, flat amount or hourly pay rate, and overtime and double time.  These automatic rates are all easily set up for an employee once, then utilized when needed for a PR run.

§ Multiple Deduction types

Pretax deductions, garnishments, employee loans, and matching 401K plans and are just a few examples of the flexibility offered.

§ Direct Deposit is a simple option

Direct deposits are defined for checking or savings, flat amount or percentage, and optionally for more than one financial institution.  Direct deposit information is then issued on a standard pay stub but as a void check.

§ Multiple divisions and departments for easy analysis

Assign a  home division/ department for any employee to separate time entry for accounting purposes. Also optionally define payable accounts to easily separate by division and/or department. Then for most reports, choose the sorted to print by assigned division or employee order.

§ Automatic salary time entries

Generate salaried employee time entry automatically with a single menu selection.

§ Defaults values make it simple

The employee’s home state, city, division, and department default for all time entry but the ability to override allows flexibility.

§ Employees splitting time

Accurately track time for an employee splitting time between different divisions, departments, cities, or states.

§ Costing your entries

Assign a cost center and category for any transaction to automatically interface to the Cost Center application and General Ledger.

§ Tax Tables provide the necessary calculation

Federal, state, and local tax tables are defined for Married, Single, and Head of Household status. Allowances for state and local programs are also included in the table as required.

§ Employer calculations

Employer contributions are considered for accounting and distribution to the General Ledger automatically.

§ Check format options to suite your business

Continuous form, pre-printed laser, or blank stock checks are all available with DTE. Yes, even MICR codes and digitized signatures are obtainable by using the custom designed DTE macros and blank check stock.

§ Year End process is quick and easy

Zero year-to-date accumulation fields with a simple process run after your last payroll for the year.  Because all history is date driven, you can then process W2 and government reporting anytime your schedule allows.

§ W-2 filing is accurate

Create an ascii file for online submission based on government specifications.   Verify the data with your free copy of AccuWage ® .  Print W-2’s for your employees.  Then retain historical reports for your records in paper or electronic form.  


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