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  PO Spec Sheet

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§ Item numbers

You choose the item number length – between 15 and 24 characters – to carry in your inventory. If defined, the vendor part prints on the PO and both print on the worksheet for reference.

§ Copying previous POs

Even better than blanket POs is the ability to create a new PO from either an open or previously received PO. Add, Copy, Order number, and Go. A simple process.

§ Schedule receiving dates for each item or the order as a whole

Each line of the Purchase Order carries its own Required by date. The Aging Open Orders report then considers each line for the most accurate list of future receivings expected.

§ Cost choices

Each item carries Average, Last, and Standard costs. The new cost value from the receiving process can be reflected to include freight charges. When using the  Copy  shortcut to create an order, choose to consider the item cost, the original PO cost, or zero for the new PO.

§ Direct shipping

Orders can be shipped directly to the customer for efficient customer care.

§ Multiple warehouses

Optionally you can order and receive items for multiple warehouses within the same Purchase Order.

§ Non-stocked items

Enter non-stocked items, services, and extra fees on the PO, even if not carried in your inventory as stocked.

§ Bar codes and scanning

Use a wand to scan the item into the PO when created. Then receiving goods is a snap using a bar code scanner for the PO and line number.

§ Optional tight controls between P/O and A/P invoice entry

Any vendor can be defined for tight controls between the PO and the Accounts Payable invoice entered. If the lines, received quantities, amounts, freight agreements etc, do not match, the A/P invoice is placed on   Hold.

§ Kits

A kit is made up of several items but can be purchased as its own item ID by offering the option to include kit components on the purchase order and receiving worksheet.

§ PO  Forms

Choose from standard continuous form, laser forms based on NEBS format, or create your unique form to use. In addition, choose to automatically print POs to one printer or prompt for any printer defined for your system.

§ Pop-up notations

Log conversations or actions taken with any Vendor when warranted within the Notes utility or directly into the Contact Management.

§ One– or Two–step receivings

Select either the standard One-step receiving directly into the warehouse or set up your company for Two-step receivings. Two-step allows the goods to be received into an interim warehouse for disbursement to the final destination.

§ Serial / Lots and Labels

Enter the serial number or associated Lot ID for each receiving then choose to print price labels for each item received when you’re ready.

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