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  OE Spec Sheet


§ Notations, Extended description, and Remarks

Special customer notations display and/or print on the OE invoice. Each item carries a 240 character extended description or type a custom extended description for the particular order. If you still need more room, line item remarks print for warehouse picking, on the invoice, or both. Customer notations directly into Contact Management or Notes utility provide a written record of verbal contact with any customer.

§ Recurring and Blanket orders

Up to nine different recurring order frequencies are available in addition to the choice to recreate/copy an order from a posted invoice or open order.

§ Personalized data processing

For easier data entry, choose to prompt for Sold to or Bill to first when entering an order.  Select the printer from a list or automatically send to a specific printer.   Use standard preprinted forms or have your own custom invoice.   Scan the UPC code or enter the item.   These are just a few choices available for peak efficiency.

§ Sales Kits and components

Items sold as single level assemblies are grouped together as  Kits for the sales order and exploded for warehouse picking.

§ Scanner input

Some OE operators prefer a scanner, others prefer the keyboard.  Both are acceptable and interchangeable forms of data entry.

§ Item and Customer historical inquiries within entry

Historical data look ups are available not only in detailed inquiries but within order entry, as well. You can hot key to see history for the customer and item or for this customer and any item purchased.

§ Serial / Lot tracking

Item serial/lot tracking can be a necessity and is tightly controlled within DTE for maintenance and historical purposes.

§ Location and real time quantities

Company controls allow orders for items from multiple locations providing tighter inventory efficiency.  Instant updating produce  real time   quantity status.

§ Special pricing schemas

Five price levels provide schemas for different customer types in addition to special pricing categories by customer, category, location, territory, and item and discounts.  You choose the pricing priorities or have DTE search for the lowest price. 

§ Date controls

Define an order Expiration and line Required by date for each order entered to use as filters in numerous reports and automatic processes.

§ Shortcuts for efficiency

Throughout DTE, shortcuts make it easy to find information. Whether you’re in order entry or item inquiry, details, history, pricing, and status are at your fingertips.

§ Counter Orders get the job done quickly

Not all sales are for wholesale distribution, some are over the counter sales.   DTE allows both types with condensed entry windows for the quick Counter processing.

§ Warehouse interface

Installing the DTE Warehouse Management application enables packing and shipping in the most efficient manner possible.  Order information is exported from the main system, massaged within Warehouse, connected with FedEx ® or UPS ® or other shipping, then transferred back to DTE for the final invoice.

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