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 The  Name/Address  application carries the master file data for vendors, customers, individual contacts, ship to, and PO mail to locations. Centralizing this information means that data entry is more efficient, enter once and link from all applications. Even separate Companies can be directed to the same database for better organization.

 Primary addresses are defined and optionally associated with vendor, customer, (OE) ship to, (PO) mail to, and contact management master records with one single master entry. If a Customer is also a Vendor, they share the same ID, minimize confusion and mix-ups.

 Out sourcing address verification is a snap with an export / import process to verify correct spelling, punctuation, zip code, and structure of the address. Create the file, submit, and receive validated information for import back into DTE. Just one of many popular features included below or link to our Spec sheet for even more option detailed information …

Name & Address - all in one place

Name/Address Highlights:
  Master lists and reports with varying print and label options are all managed within the Name/Address application for all types of address records, vendors, customers, shipping, and mailing.
  Lower case key entry is automatically corrected for accuracy per standard language rules.
  Utilize an existing internal company's data base or maintain a unique listing for multiple company processing -- your choice.
  Determine Vendors and/or Customers considered 'inactive' when compared with recent history.
  Import and Export master data for transfer or conversion to a standard spreadsheet (with delimiters) or word processing format for easy manipulation.
  Check and report duplicate address records for correction and minimize confusion and shipping errors.
  Export records for verification with a third party service or software then import corrected data including any associated error codes.
  Log and report any new, changed, or deleted records to any master record for trace back audit record.
Specialized import and exports designed exclusively for the Water/Utility Accounts Receivble application.

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