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§ Name and addresses

Vendors, Customers, Ship to, Mail to, individual Contacts, and Prospects all managed within a single Name/Address application.

§ Multiple companies use the same database

Automatic numeric IDs are assigned once, to each addressee, then utilized by any of your companies within Down To Earth.  If an address changes, one edit updates data for all companies, at the same time.

§ Accurate data checks and balances

Export your addresses into a comma delimited or fixed ascii file for analysis by a third party for letter casing, validity, and consistency in abbreviations.  When the corrected NA file is returned, import is a snap along with designated error coding for analysis and reporting.

§ In-house accuracy

If you prefer to check your data in-house, that’s an option, too.  Start with auto-correct for letter casing at the point of entry or periodically set letter casing.   Choose to correct names, addresses, or both with the special NA utility process.

§ Identify IDs that may be duplicates

Verify any type of addressee, by their name or address, and report those that may be duplicates.

§ Master lists

Create a unique master list to fit your needs, when you want. Choose all or part of the master data, include any addressee type or all, and choose to sort by ID, name, city, or zip. And, if you don’t want everyone, you can also select a range of data to include in either a NA report or export file.

§ Group different IDs together for lists, labels, and exports

Group like types of vendors/customers together as correspondence types.  Create lists, labels, or export data for everything from Christmas card to newsletter mailing lists or CEOs to Independent consultant literature.

§ Label options to satisfy any situation

The most common configuration of both line/impact printer and laser offer mailing label choices for any office ability. 

§ Keep up with all your vendors and customers

Identify those vendors and customers that could be considered inactive or just to check up on them for public relations.  List or export those that have not been active since a specific date, by sales representative, and optionally export the data for analysis.

§ Access the master database from any application

Name & Address is a key part of most any accounting or distribution application.  That’s why   quick links  are necessary.   Whether you are selecting from a menu or entering data, quick links can get you to your database in a snap.

§ Log changes for reference or recovery

Changes to the Name/Address master can be logged and later reported or used in recovery, if needed.  The log identifies which ID and field were changed and what the value was before and after.  If you’re ever required to restore from a backup, this information is an absolute necessity.

§ DTE Codes and defaults

Different companies establish different policies for vendor and customer coding.   DTE enables unique default values to be recognized for fast data entry on the more common aspects such as Terms, Taxable, price Classes, and 1099 settings.

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