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  Every successful business knows exactly what products are in stock.  Or, they how to get that information quickly.  In today's world, companies must have quick and accurate information for inventory movement and value.  Exact control of inventory is essential for a successful and profitable business.

 Down To Earth Inventory calculates all quantity changes - sales, transfers, restocks, damaged goods, and credits.  Real time quantities change from within the Inventory application or from Sales or Purchase orders. 

 Costs to you and pricing tiers to the customer, all controlled within your item master. In addition, special pricing for promotions and contracts offer flexibility for all. Increase or decrease pricing across the board by percent or amount. And update costs with a special upload process if needed.

Vital to tracking certain inventory, serial and lot controls are available. If you don't need the full Bill of Materials processing, kits created from component items may work for you. These and more are just some of the features available.

 When interfacing with distribution and manufacturing applications, Inventory is the cornerstone of an effective solution. Inaccurate inventory control can delay shipping, result in lost sales, and can be devastating.  Don't take a chance.

  Down To Earth provides the processing you need for the right solution.  Continue reading for just a few features offered or link to our IN Spec sheet for even more details …

Inventory Software

Inventory Software Highlights:
  Individual company defined item number length from 15 to 24 characters to fit your inventory style and internal controls.
  Average / Last / Standard cost options and reporting by product category or company wide provide a variety of methods and report sorts.
  Multiple warehouse location control, including multiple primary and temporary bins available within each warehouse location.
  Customer detail and quantity historical tracking by item for reporting, inquiry, and analysis.
  Multiple vendor price/item tracking history for each item, by warehouse location for historical comparison and for PO costs.
  Automatic pricing levels update process by percent or flat amount.
  Process physical counts by cycle codes with a "capture" of inventory quantities to insure that quantities are updated correctly, even as business continues.
  Physical count input options via bar code scanner or keyboard for efficient and timely counts.
  Item processing by UPC code via keyboard or scanner input.
  Freight package dimensions for each item are used within the Warehouse Shipping application to create the most efficient shipping methods.

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