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  GL Spec Sheet

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§    Chart of Accounts

The six character account with an associated four character each, division and department code, total to 14 characters as the definition of each account.

§    Budgets

Create GL budgets one at a time, period by period, or allocate an annual amount. From that base budget, you can create up to 9 revisions.  Revised budgets are from actual amounts, inflated or not, percentage or flat dollars, and to/from any year, any revision.

§    Financial statements and formats

There are too many different formats and options available to mention but suffice it to say, flexibility is yours. Formats for the basic Income, Balance Sheet, and Supporting schedules are created for the exact detail or summary needed.

Companies, divisions, or departments are separated or consolidated in any combination.  Any format can also include budgets and variances.

§    Allocations

GL Allocations are an inspired method of easily spreading costs among multiple entities within your company.   Common utilities and shared costs are easily allocated by a percentage or flat amount to the other divisions or departments within.   The amounts are automatically posted as journals as if you had entered them yourself.

§    Accounting Periods

Standard 12 calendar months or 13, 28-day periods make up the standard fiscal year. In addition, alternate accounting periods provide for up to 53 user defined breakdowns. Multiple periods and/or fiscal years open at the same time permit you to have unique closing schedules.

§    Interface with other applications

Invoices and checks from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable/Water Billing, and Payroll all join together at month end. Interface each application by the day or one entry for the period. Choose to see a  net entry  or both debit and credit sides that make up the net amount.

§    Inter company transactions

Inter-company journal transactions can distribute to a different DTE company within the same entry window. This feature is a life saver when managing closely related but separate DTE companies. (However, this feature is not available with Water Management application suite.)

§    Check Reconciliation

Checks from AP and Payroll as well as AR deposits are automatically posted into a common check reconciliation file. Checks are then cleared by a range of numbers or a single check.  Establish both the  Book ’ and  Statement  balance with several report choices.

§    Journals – manual, accrual, or recurring

Most GL journals are interfaced from the other DTE applications.  However, Accrual and Recurring transactions allow a more efficient method to get the complete financial picture with very little data entry.

§    Cost   Center   coding

Each transaction optionally includes a Cost Center ID and Category reference. The costing distinction is then posted directly to the Cost Center application with each journal transaction.

§    Export financial data

Trial balance values for each accounting period and account as an export file enable easy import into third party software for manipulation and analysis.

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