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  Bill of Materials


Bill of Materials Software...

  BOM maintains ensures that your component supplies are accurately tracked. With up to nine sub-assembly levels per bill, your assembled items can be as simple or as complex as your business requires.

  Within the bill itself, you can easily create and maintain a detailed list of components and charges.  The finished items and subassembly components provide the means to produce accurate and informative reports.  such reports include detailing bill structures, costs, multiple levels, component requirements, and production history. The key is to know your inventory that's available and product requirements.

 As each work order is created, the process automatically identifies the finished item(s) as "On order" and the component parts as "Allocated." Then when the work order is completed, the components used from inventory are relieved and the finished products stocked as "On hand."

 The manufacturing processes become notably efficient when utilizing the tools DTE provides. Review just a few below or link to the BOM Spec sheet for more details...

Bill of Materials Software

Bill of Materials Software Highlights:
  Assembly level and component verification to insure accurate inventory management accuracy during the assembly process.
  MRP data provided within the Stock Availability report for efficient inventory control and shop floor management.
  Mass replacement of component parts should a change in the assembly transpire.
  Standard labor cost allocation in addition to optional labor analysis/tracking.
  Allocate, de-allocate, or update stock within the work order transaction to maintain accuracy at all times.
  Work-In-Progress tracking and reporting for management status reports.
  Additional Inquiry options with list processing display features.
  Average, Last, or Standard item cost management to provide cost control and management historical information.
  Single or multi-level assembly reporting for explosion and costing.
  Optionally keep assembly explosions on file or explode when needed for reporting and analysis at a later date.

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