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§ Name and addresses

Customers, Vendors, Ship to, Mail to, and individual Contacts, all managed within a single Name/Address application. Information specific to your customers are all in one entry window.

§ Customer pricing options

Define AR customer price levels one through five associated with standard prices one through five for any inventory item. 

§ Special Pricing

Special pricing is also available by customer, customer/item, and customer/category grouping. With all the pricing options, you still establish pricing priorities for the best one possible.

§ Customer billing

Choose if a customer also receives a statement, whether to print open items or balance forward style, and if dunning messages should apply.  Attention to the individual customer  s needs is always appreciated.

§ Customer Credit

Establish a credit limit, carry credit card information, and convey credit comments to Sales Order Entry. Within Sales Order Entry, optionally define orders to be placed on " Hold" if reached their credit limit or past due in payment arrangements.

§ AR Invoices and Payments

Invoices are generated within Accounts Receivable, Sales Order Entry, or both applications.  Payments are entered, for selected invoice or on-account while generating an attachable deposit slip for the bank record.

§ Recurring invoices

Recurring invoices keep data entry to a minimum for those services or non-item billings.  Possible recurring invoices could be for rentals, contract agreements, or repetitive services, all associated with a frequency code.

§ Forms are standard or custom to match your needs

Both AR invoice and statement form options provide a selection of standard multi-part, laser, or custom design your format. In addition, any form can be left on a designated printer and automatically sent to minimize operator printing errors.

§ Sales tax reporting

Calculate sales tax for government reporting based on the invoice as simply Billed or only if Paid. Sales tax codes are broken down into four pieces, each with an associated district code to assure proper distribution.

§ Sales commission calculations

Commission history lists each customer and invoice, is computed from an intricate sales representative code definition, and reported for verification and payment.

§ Analyze past due receivables

Choose your aging cycles within different Terms. What is overdue for some customers, may not be for others. Then age your accounts in detail or summary and include all aging partitions or only one.

§ Interface with General Ledger

Journal distributions are automatically created for any Accounts Receivable or Sales Order Entry transaction and interfaced directly to General Ledger when needed.

§ Collecting made easy

You can include statement messages and finance charge calculation, progress to dunning letters, or end up writing an amount off as bad debt. It happens … but DTE provides many tools to collect before customer accounts ever get to that point.

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