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AP Spec Sheet

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§   Name and addresses

Vendors, Customers, Ship to, Mail to, and individual Contacts, all managed within a single Name/Address application. Optionally, a unique AP Remit to address is available and multiple companies can choose to use a single data base.

§   1099 reporting options

The 1099-MISC, S-1042, or 1099-DIV format is available for income reporting. Amounts are coded throughout the year or simply entered at year ’   s end.

§   Accounting basis

A simple option but definitely necessary for some businesses. Choose your basis for accounting - Accrued (expensed when received) or Cash (expensed when paid).

§   Vendor ID

Vendor (and Customer) IDs are eight digits in length and sequentially assigned when a new Name and Address record is defined.

§   Vendor master edit logging

Record the date, operator, type of edit, and a brief description of what was changed for Vendor master edits. Very useful for reference, research, and reporting later.

§  AP Invoice number and entry codes

Accounts Payable invoice numbers can be up to twelve characters for any of the standard Invoice, Prepaid, or Credit memo transaction types. The Terms code and Invoice, Due, Discount, and Distribution dates are all defined as ' typical entry'  values requiring operator input only if different than displayed.

§   Check formats

Continuous form, pre-printed laser, or blank stock checks are all available with DTE. Yes, even MICR codes and digitized signatures are obtainable by using the custom designed DTE macros and blank check stock paper.

§   Defaults make it easy

Save time looking up the GL account number, use the default account, division, and department assigned to the vendor. Define the same printer to automatically print checks and/or always take vendor discounts.

§   Interface with Purchase Order for tighter controls

Some vendors need tight controls, others don't. Choose to interface quantities, freight, and receiving status checks with the DTE PO application. Questionable invoices are put on hold while the situation is resolved.

§   Aging analysis options

You choose your aging cycles – for example, 30, 60, and 90 days or 1, 2, and 3 weeks. Age by Invoice date or Due date. Whatever works best for you.

§   Inter company transactions

If you'   re processing more than a single DTE company, this feature is a life saver. Inter-company transactions allow you to distribute expenses to a different DTE company within the same invoice transaction. The off-setting distribution to a previously defined payable account is automatic.

§  AP Invoices – manual, recurring, changing, and payment of

While entering an invoice to be paid at a later date is the norm, recurring invoices are handy for that monthly or quarterly payment you always make. Change the due date when special terms are arranged after invoicing. Now the payment – by due date, by invoice, including credits, or partial pay. Choose one or all methods.

§   Automatic void check processing

Mistakes happen, checks get lost, or never cashed and need to be voided on your books. Easy enough – enter the check number, verify the vendor name in the window and choose whether to set it up for payment again.

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